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6th July 2011



Please note:-

we are happy to discuss discounts on the below rates for long term storage plans

made and paid in advance.




'Basic' Long-term Storage in secure, insulated, dehumidified-controlled environment.

Dust sheet provided

£79 per month


Short-term Storage in secure, insulated, dehumidified-controlled environment.

£19 per week

OPTIONS (additional to above basic long-term monthy)  
 Monthly:-Battery disconnected and/or conditioner-monitored. Tyre check [maintained at normally 50% higher pressures than normal], roll car back and forth, start engine & run to operating temperature, depress brake, clutch pedals, engage all gears. General inspection, including oil and antifreeze check (any materials extra). Report as necessary.  Short runs if requested.   

basic +£20 per month


 Wheels clear of the ground  

basic +

£8 per month


Full Valet:- Exterior, wheels, interior, seats, carpets, glass, mirrors and surfaces and fittings.

(carried out by specialists, here at our premises)

MOT tests can be arranged at garages local to us. Cars will either be transported there/back on our own transporter, or driven as part of the monthly run-up maintenance programme, as the owner wishes

 £40 +

the fee

 Vehicles can be collected/delivered to/from storage or to/from servicing etc - either driven or with our own low loader trailers [all fully insured]  Estimates on request



  • Note:-

Our stated aim is to provide a service as flexible as possible to our clients requirements.

We do ask, however, that we are given reasonable notice, especially if servicing and MOT's are required.

  • Insurance:-

Your vehicle must be covered for fire, theft and accidental damage whilst in store at THA. We advise you to inform your insurance company that your vehicle is being stored at THA.

We are fully insured while transporting your vehicle on the road or on our transporters

  • VAT:-

All prices, except road tax, are subject to Value Added Tax at the standard rate of 20% [as at January 2011].

  • Terms:- 

Monthly, against invoice in advance in Sterling. It is usually preferable for both parties if Bank Standing Order arrangements are arranged for the longer term plans


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